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Audio-Technica Corporation (株式会社オーディオテクニカ, Kabushiki Kaisha Ōdio Tekunika) is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures professional microphones, headphones, turntables, phonographic magnetic cartridges, and other audio equipment.

An upset customer shared in this review "For "high fidelity" audio, the build is extremely cheap. I was a faithful Audio-Technica customer, loyal even. I wouldn't dare taint my ear holes with chinesium and cheap BPA full plastics. I raved about Audio-Technica to everyone and anyone. Not anymore, for the arh-m50x either has faulty wiring or impedance issues that cause all noise to shift to the left side of the headphones. The sound quality changes more sporadically than a cleptomaniac with ADHD at Kohls. I spent nearly $200 on a god forsaken lemon, and I can't even have lemonade."


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Former Employee - Accountant says

"HR is very unprofessional. A glorified admin. No proper off boarding. A chimp can do her job. Boss is a chain smoking japanese dictator Company has an awesome work culture couple years back but it's kinda soulless now. Back then, the old bosses had pride and love for the company and it's people. I suggest skipping and move to a different company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Marketing team’s opinion of itself far outweighed their abilities and threatened by anything that challenged processes originating in the 1980s. Slow product development and behind the times, a lot of eggs in one basket."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Poor communication and lack of direction from upper management and HQ - Lack of planning by certain local leaders leading to constant last minute work - Most long-time employees are generally too political and too busy with gossiping and climbing the corporate ladder to focus on their actual job - Lack of decisiveness among leadership leading to constant change of mind - Micro management by leaders - HR tends to monitor CCTV and reports all activity to upper management/plays favorites and gossips often - Too much politics among management leading to different “camps” trying to throw one another under the bus - Yes-man culture to big boss - Penny-pinching culture - Job can get repetitive - Typical Japanese company bureaucracy - Very small company thinking despite being an international brand - Pressure to overtime/ work more/ give more to company without any additional pay/bonus - Below market-rate pay"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company is out performing targets and budgets by working its employees into the ground, but come Christmas those same employees are well rewarded.... with a kick in the teeth and no thanks or bonus. A quick look at companies house reports and the bonuses directors get paid shows why."

Tracie says

"Very disappointed with Audio-Technica. I placed an order on 08.12.20 which they accepted and took payment for. This was a Christmas present for my son. I then subsequently received an email on 15.12.20 cancelling my order without explanation! This was my first and last order from them!"

Diane Minchington says

"I never got my order from you it was return to sender without attempting to deliver it to me I'm waiting for a refund"

Jane Wood says

"Not great - product never received. Out of stock and informed sometime after placing the order. Not great as it was a Xmas pressie"

Glenn says

"I have just bought the AT-LP120XBT-USB and am having major issues trying to connect via Bluetooth to my brand new Ruark MR1 speakers.I've tried everything - taking into a separate room, making sure no other bluetooth devices are nearby - all with no success. I took the deck and speakers back to Richer Sounds in Cambridge and they tried to connect the deck to a number of different speakers and none worked. They then ordered a replacement deck and this also does not connect to my Ruarks. My speakers connect to my phone OK and the AT deck connects to a small Beoplay H9. Is there a compatibility issue with the deck to certain speakers? So frustrating."

Client says

"The device I received does not work on my computer. I asked technical support for information ... no response. I wrote again, no answer while I received twice an invitation to evaluate... marketing more active than technical support... I wait, and will write again and again. This explains the 1/5 star. BR"

Marcin Serwata says

"insufficient reactivity"

Jodie Macdonald says

"Still not arrived yet . Not even been sent an email saying it’s been shipped"

RAF says


Ordered two weeks ago and still not delivered.

No communication since receiving my receipt."

Gaby Bartlett says

"I've no idea whether you are good or bad. Just tired of receiving emails that are not meant for me. Not your fault. Gmail fault but they never reply."

Simona B says

"I waited for good couple of weeks for turntable to be in stock. When it finally was I did order straight away, but after order didn't get any updated for more than a week. Eventually I got email saying that it is out of stock and I should order it from somewhere else...

I thought ordering directly form website would be the best. In the end i managed to order it from Curry's and luckily got it just in time for Christmas. Just disappointed that it wasn't basically true that product was in stock and I was left without present so close to Christmas plus luck of updates from company. Hopefully my husband will still love product itself."

Remco Michels says

"My package was lost, and after that no ome reacted to my email anymore"

Nathan Brown says

"Good headphones, very good sound quality, however for long term use they can get a little uncomfortable, especially with glasses on. They are comfortable for around 4 hours, but after that they start pushing against your head so maybe take a break. Furthermore, the cable for the headphones is very long so I had to tie it up so I wish that there was a shortened cable option"

Mrs T says

"I bought this for my husband as a Xmas gift. However it required a lot of technical work to assemble parts of it . Also discovered there is no Bluetooth technology built in which was a massive let down in 2020, we needed to buy hard wire speakers, which was a bit frustrating. I would have returned it but too much problems returning kit. Apart from those two issues it’s quite nice to look at and plays well. Rated 3 as lacking Bluetooth and difficulty in assembling."

Charlotte Moriarty says

"I ordered headphones of the 4th December when they still have not arrived?? Wondering where they are as it is getting very close to Christmas."

Anthony Faure says

"Audio Technica service is very good, no problem with that. This is the item itself which is a problem. I bought it ten times, it is too fragile, the plastic holder broke every time. From now on the evolution of the clip is worst than the original, impossible to rotate the mic on the clip, you only can use in a way, horizontal for the same price !
With the old version you were able to put the clip on the vertical position, very useful when the person don't wear a jacket like ladies most of the times. And the silver color of the new version is not very discreet, you can't afford it when you have the person on the picture... This is the last time i bought that clip holder from AT, I will take a generic version made in china, I am certain it will do the job."

Peter Drobil says

very long delivery time (November,23rd) and moreover delivery to another street- but the house number was ok:-)
But the customer service is quite well!"

Izudin Mesan says

"I had trouble with noise on the headphone output... tried 3 different devices, and realised that muting the mic (lowering the gauge to zero) in over pc (win10) solved the problem partitially. So the output has no noise now, but the mic doesnt work, since its muted... how to solve the noise problem?? pls help"


"I got this to plug an ipod classic into a Mercedes Sprinter, with USB-C input. Unfortunately, the device was not recognized, so while it's well constructed, it did not fulfil my requirements."

Gavin Macleod says

"Very slow delivery"


"Website could seem okay, regarding design, but UX is NOT great when you have to find the right product. Had to look for 3 hours total to find wireless headphones equiped with microphone... The search engine and categorisation are quite useless. But I do love Audio-Technica equipments so... I really sticked to it. But please, think about those who do not love the brand already... They will sure leave without purchasing your amazing devices..."

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